In January 2011, I stopped wearing acrylics after having worn them for 10 years straight. It happened because one day as I was whining about manicure costs in Ottawa versus Detroit, it occurred to me that I had spent 8000 dollars on fake nails. Dude, if you know the right people, 8000 dollars can get you a brand spanking new sexy as hell BMW. (Ok, maybe it would have to be old and used… a few times. Or it would have to have been in an accident… or four. Or it would have to have stolen parts… or be stolen.) But don’t get bugged down with details, point is- 8000 is a car. Possibly. Or at least, a bag. (And these days, that says a lot.)

Anyways, after all that money, I still had nails that were worn thin and unhealthy. So I decided to take a break from fake nails for a bit. And it turns out my real nails are decent. Matter of fact, the acrylic was actually what was damaging my nails. Left to their own devices, my nails are long, strong and healthy. Who would have thunk it?

Another plus is that instead of just the french manicures I used to do at the nail salon, now that I do my own nails, I experiment with color and simple designs- neons and newspaper print and gradients and smiley faces- all of which I will share with you eventually.

Which brings me (finally) to today’s topic- my crackle nail polish mani. In case you somehow missed it, crackle (or shatter) nail polish is a special polish that’s become popular over the last few years. It goes on as an overcoat (over a regular – and for best results, contrasting- polish.) The crackle polish then cracks or shatters as it dries, revealing slivers of the color underneath. I used red crackle over bright yellow- because I like the contrast.

It looks fiery and hot, like a bunch of red and yellow flames. 🙂


Here are the polishes I used.

The yellow was from CVS. It’s Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Nail Color in Mellow Yellow ($3.99)

The red crackle was from Rite Aid. It’s Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat in Cherry Smash ($12.99- Rip off. Later saw it at Shoppers for $6.99- the exact same one! (disclaimer: tautology out of anger not ignorance.)

If you try this look, remember to put on a clear base coat before putting on any color to protect your nails from staining. Also put on a clear top coat to seal in the pattern/design and give you a glossy finish.