Moi-moi is one of Nigeria’s most yummilicous foods. It’s made out of beans (blackeyed peas) which are blended, seasoned and then steamed. It’s positively delish!

This was my first (and may I add, last) time of making moi-moi with actual beans. I usually make it with bean flour/powder but everyone always goes on about how moi-moi tastes so much better when it’s made from actual beans as opposed to the flour so I thought I’d give it a try. And let me tell you, I will be going right back to the flour. Here’s the thing- if you use actual beans, you have to wash them… thoroughly. You have to get the skin completely off each bean. And please believe- washing beans… is not beans.

I suffered, y’all. I washed beans from morning to night. I looked up the United Nations Convention against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment to see if beans washing was there. Lord!

It took me roughly ten years (give or take a few days) to finish washing the beans but I eventually got the beans from this-

To this-

When I was done, I sent out a BBM to my siblings and close friends telling them that if they ever heard me say that I was going to make moi-moi from beans again, they were to immediately call 911 because it obviously meant I was deep within the cruel grasp of psychosis.

And of course the suggestions and advice came pouring in. All, after the fact:

1. “Soak it overnight- the skin falls right off”

2. “Blend it dry for a bit first before you wash- the skin falls right off”

3. “Boil it for about five minutes and once the beans get hot, wash it- the skin falls right off”

4. “Just buy skinless blackeyed peas- the skin has already fallen right off.” *Insert shocked smiley face* Such a thing even exists?

Smh. Where were all of you 15 years ago when I started washing these beans?

In any case, here’s the recipe and some pics for you. If you can get the skinless beans, then the rest of the process is really a walk in the park.

After washing the beans (good luck), blend it into a fine paste.

Then season it. A lot of the seasoning is just done to taste so feel free to adjust this recipe based on your own preferences. I added half a bell pepper, one and a half hot peppers (I really like hot pepper) and one small onion.

I blended it all and then stirred it into the mixture.

Next, I added crumbled corned beef- I used about a third of a can- I would have used half a can, but that was all I had left in the house. I also added a couple of knorr cubes (you can use maggi cubes, of course, some salt, pepper, curry and crayfish (all to your taste) and a table spoon of vegetable oil.

Then I ladled the mixture into moi-moi pans. (Just ask for small tart pans at your grocery store. Or you could ask for moi-moi pans and see what happens. 😐 ) I prepped the pans by greasing each of them with a touch of vegetable oil. You can use cooking spray if you have it but you really don’t even need to do this. I just did it to make it easier to get the moi-moi out of the pan after cooking. I don’t even know that it made much of a difference. Make sure that you don’t fill the pans to the brim so that the moi-moi has room to swell.

Last, I added some slices of boiled egg and shrimps to each pan.

Then I steamed the moi-moi for 30 minutes. I don’t have a steamer so I just put water at the base of my large pot, put some aluminum foil over top of it, put the moi-moi on the foil, then used more foil to cover it all so that the steam gets trapped in to do the cooking and then I covered the pot. (The picture isn’t the greatest that ever lived but I hope you get it.)

And…. the moi-moi came out great.

UPDATE: I ate the moi-moi. And I changed my mind. I will definitely be making moi-moi again… with beans (not the powder). It was absolutely delicious… definitely worth all the work. I guess this is kind of like having kids. They get here and they’re so adorable and you love them so you forget how painful labor was and do it again. 🙂

I’ll definitely look for skinless beans though and if I can’t find those, then I’ll be trying one of the suggestions on how to get the skin off more quickly. And of course, I’ll keep you posted.

All the bestest!