Hello everyone!


We are three sisters who live in different countries. House 10 was the house we grew up in and we are now looking to start a bonding-through-blogging experience on this blog. Yay! 🙂

Here, we will write about and put up photos relating to our lives and our various interests and skills from home-making to hair care to writing.

All three of us are food and fun loving, shoe and bag hoarding, dramatic and funny girls. This year, we are on a Hair Growth Challenge, a Weight Loss Challenge and of course, a blogging journey.

We hope you enjoy our blog!!!

About the Sections

In the Crafts Section, we offer tips on how to sew, knit and make cool stuff that’s functional, unique and economical- from how to make skate guards, to pointers on making quick and healthy school lunches, to how to hem your jeans the right way- it’s all in here!

In the Hair and Beauty Section, we invite you to join the hair growth challenge and provide tips on how to grow, style and care for your hair. We also include reviews of our favorite beauty products and tutorials on how to do protective hair styles and funky nail designs.

In the Kitchen, it’s all about shoes. 😐 Well, no- it’s about food. Obviously! 🙂 We provide recipes for baking and cooking all of our favorite things. And trust us, there are very many…

In the Stories Section, we put up humorous true life articles about dating drama, career challenges and personal struggles that any woman can relate to.

The Basement is where we put everything else- all the funny, outlandish and interesting stories in news, entertainment and life… along with our take on them.

This is a fun little project that we’re doing together and we’re looking forward to taking you on the ride with us!


Mak, Bey and Koko


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